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We understand that not every individual who needs legal assistance is capable of paying the fees often associated with legal work. In fact, sometimes those with the most deserving cases struggle to find an attorney willing, or able, to help them meet their needs. Drawing from the roots of our shared faith traditions, we recognize that our commitment to offer service to those in need is a natural extension of our membership in our human community.

For those who qualify based upon household income, we offer the opportunity to enter into our Partners in Justice program through a dual commitment to service within our community and a monthly financial contribution, calculated on sliding scale. As Partners, these individuals receive excellent, diligent representation at a substantially reduced hourly rate, with an appropriate payment plan fitting to their financial situation.

As part of their commitment, our typical Partners in Justice participants agree to join us in serving our community by volunteering two to four hours each week with a local program, such as a church, non-profit or other community group. In exchange for receiving the gift of our commitment to serve our Partners, we encourage them to seek the opportunities to pass on that gift in service to others.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of legal assistance and is willing to commit to sharing their service with our community, we encourage you to contact our office and learn more about our Partners in Justice program.