cura personalis mission

Local governments are one of the most essential aspects of our American Democracy. While comparatively few individuals can participate in the government on the federal, and event state, levels, thousands of Missourians serve their communities through public office as members of the Board of Aldermen, school boards, fire protection districts and local development cooperatives. These public servants often face challenging legal issues and intense regulations and obligations.

In working with local communities, we understand that budgets are often limited and the plethora of legal issues faced by small communities can seem daunting. When faced with a demanding or urgent situation, local community servants need answers quickly from someone they can trust. We work together with communities to develop a relationship that allows us to understand the context of the day-to-day concerns within the bigger picture.

We understand that if you are serving as a public servant in your community, you’ve likely chosen that path out of a desire and commitment to a better world, particularly with a focus on your local area. Based in that understanding, we will work with you to achieve the goals you set and help you achieve the promise of American Democracy.