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Regardless of the amount of your financial wealth, we understand that you have worked hard for the assets you have. You have spent your entire life working to provide for the security of your family and your future, so you deserve to have that security protected. And when the time comes, we know you’ll want your possessions distributed in a fashion that respects your personal values.

Estate planning provides peace of mind to our clients by not only allowing them to make important decisions about their future, but also provides for a peaceful division of your assets that can only prevent bitter family quarrels. We work with you to make sure that you have the documents you need to ensure your future needs are met and that your possessions end up with the ones you love.

Every estate plan should consider the following documents:

Advanced Health Care Directive

Would your family know what medical procedures you want and those you don’t? Help them find the right answers by having a Health Care Directive that will ensure your wishes will always be followed.

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care & HIPPA Release

Who would make medical decisions for you in you were unable to make them yourself? You can designate someone you trust and ensure they have access to the information they need to fulfill your wishes.

Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs

Bills don’t stop when you get sick. With a Durable Power of Attorney you can choose who will be responsible for making sure your financial affairs remain in order if anything ever keeps you from taking care of them.

A Revocable Living Trust Agreement

A Revocable Living Trust allows your loved ones to keep control of your assets after you die, and often, you can avoid probate entirely. A well-written Revocable Living Trust can save your family thousands of dollars and hours of time in settling your final affairs.

Last Will & Testament

Your Will directs how your assets and personal property to be distributed & helps avoid disagreements over your estate after your death.