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Many people worked hard to build up their family’s assets, only to watch them be decimated by the recent downturn in the economy. You may be one of those suffering under the pressure of increasing debts or the threat of foreclosure on your family’s home. But, in our nation of second chances, there is a way to attain relief from those burdens without permanently destroying your credit.

Bankruptcy can provide a real option to help you, and your family, move forward with a clean slate. You can start fresh and put your mind at ease, knowing that each telephone ring will not bring a new collection call. We work carefully with individuals and families to ensure that your bankruptcy process brings the healing and relief that you deserve.

Chapter 7

For those with limited assets who qualify, bankruptcy under Chapter Seven allows individuals to liquidate their assets and wipe away unsecured bills, setting them free from debt they would never be able to pay.

Chapter 13

For individuals or families who simply need to restructure their debt, Chapter Thirteen bankruptcy provides protection from harassment by debt collectors by giving those individuals a chance to restructure their debt. We’ll work with you to develop a payment plan based upon your current finances and help you bring those past due payments into a current status.