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Millions of Missourians work long hours every day as the farmers and cattlemen that sustain our nation’s food supply. Through growing up as members of our local 4-H clubs, we have been raised to value the commitment to hard work and honest relationships that help make our farms the true heartland of America.

For those whose seasons revolve around planting crops, calving, harvesting and calving again, we understand that your attention and focus is often stretched in a variety of ways. We seek to provide down-to-earth legal advice with straight- forward answers and solutions. We work hard to be attentive to your needs, so that you can keep your attention on your farming operation.

Real Estate Contracts & Sales

Buying or selling a farm can be one of the largest transactions of your life. From the initial negotiations through the sale closing, we’ll work carefully with you to ensure that every detail matches of the agreement your understanding. We understand that a carefully drafted document can preserve relationships and reflect the importance of your exchange.

Leases & Contracts

When two people agree to share certain implements, provide services, or rent out a field or pasture, their agreement defines the terms of that contract. Although Missouri law recognizes many verbal contracts, putting those terms on paper can help prevent future disagreements that can damage close friendships. We draft each contract based upon your individual needs and expectations to ensure you never suffer the terms of a boilerplate agreement.

Partnership Agreements & LLC’s

Farming is a business, but because we often develop information relationships with family and friends over decades of work, many farmers neglect the attention due their business structures. Missouri allows limited liability companies (LLC’s) that can help to protect a lifetime of investment from unnecessary exposure to liability. We also help our clients utilize their business structures to ensure a smooth transition to the future generation.

Civil Issues

Unfortunately, even the best planned farm still has its share of unexpected surprises. Although we do the best possible to protect you from unforeseen events, when things don’t work out as you planned, we’ll stand by you to work through your legal disputes.